While Emilia Clarke defended the graphic sex and nudity on 'Game of Thrones' in the past, the actress sees things a bit differently now.

Fans of the HBO fantasy will recall Clarke doing numerous nude scenes, especially at the start of the series.

In an interview on Dax Shepard’s 'Armchair Expert' podcast, Clarke opened up about what it was like at the time.

She explained: "I’d come fresh from drama school, and I approached [it] as a job – if it’s in the script then it’s clearly needed, this is what this is and I’m gonna make sense of it. This is my job and that's what I'm going to do and everything’s gonna be cool."

"Going in and doing it, I was in such another world," she continued. "I’m floating through this first season and I have no idea what I’m doing. I have no idea what any of this is. I’ve never been on a film set like this before, I’d been on a film set twice before then, and I’m now on a film set completely naked with all of these people, and I don’t know what I’m meant to do and I don’t know what’s expected of me, and I don’t know what you want, and I don’t know what I want.

"Regardless of whether there'd been nudity or not, I would have spent that first season thinking 'I'm not worthy of requiring anything. I'm not worthy of needing anything at all.'"

She said she'd cry in the bathroom before shooting such scenes. She also spoke of the importance of her co-star and on-screen husband Jason Momoa on the show as he'd encourage her to stand up for herself, telling her "No, sweetie, this isn’t okay."

Clarke reflected on how she's grown and is much stricter about appearing nude onscreen now.

"Now things are very, very different," she said. "I’m a lot more savvy about what I’m comfortable with and what I’m okay with doing. I’ve had fights on set before where I’m like, ‘No, the sheet stays up,’ and they’re like, ‘You don’t wanna disappoint your Game of Thrones fans.’ And I’m like, ‘Fuck you.’"