Matthew Morrison - y'know, the Justin Trousersnake wannabe with the big bum for a chin - wants Sir Elton John to guest star in 'Glee'. Well that's certainly a ncie idea, right? We suppose he'd fancy the idea of Madonna (or Madge and her vadge as I like to call her) making an appearance too? Now that'd be TV gold, what with their long-standing-now-resolved feud.

The 34-year-old reckons the 'Rocket Man' singer would be perfect in the musical drama. And what role, you might ask? Well he'd see him playing the love interest of the teenager-hating Sue Sylvester, Jane Lynch.

Speaking to Bang Showbiz, Matthew said: 'I would love to have Elton John, and I know the part I want for him too. I want him to play Sue Sylvester's boyfriend. Wouldn't that be funny? I think it would be hilarious, I think the two of them would be so funny.'

The handsome star has a wishlist of other people he wants to appear in the series and top of that list is Harrison Ford, because he idolised him in the 'Indiana Jones' movies.

Matthew - who is releasing his second album 'Where It All Began' is released in the UK on June 17 - added: 'I've always wanted to work with Harrison Ford, he's a child legend of mine. I was an 'Indiana Jones' kinda guy. That's how I always remember Harrison Ford.'

If Elton or Harrison did agree to a cameo they would be joining a long list of major stars to join the kids at William McKinley High School.