'The Handmaid's Tale' has been renewed for a fourth season.

But with a sequel series based on Margaret Atwood's novel 'The Testaments' in the works, this could well spell the last hurrah for the show.

The lead of the dystopian drama, Elisabeth Moss, has given a phenomenal performance as June Osborne throughout.

So many horrific things have happened, yet she remains a beacon of strength and inspiration.

The season three finale saw our heroine protagonist get shot for her efforts of helping dozens of children escape Gilead.

How much fight she has left in her is a big question mark.

Moss currently stars in horror feature 'The Invisible Man', and we asked what eventuality she'd like to imagine for June.

Needless to say, her vision is somewhat idealistic and not exactly in keeping with the fatalist tone of the series.

Moss says: "I think there's an ending that I would personally like, as far as I would like her to end up on an island with both Luke and Nick. And both of their kids. And everyone just live this weird island life.

"I think that the producer me wants something else which is that we should be true to the tone of the book. And as you remember how that book ends, if you do, it's not as happy, so yeah."

Reflecting on the similarities between June and her character in 'The Handmaid's Tale', she noted: "I think our film and television, and art in general, whether it's music or literature or whatever it is, tends to start to reflect what we're talking about, right? It starts to reflect what we're feeling.

"And I think as women we are exploring that right now because it's what we're thinking and we're talking about. I started it in 'Mad Men' in a different kind of way but 'The Handmaid's Tale' kind of coincided with a political movement obviously in my country and then Me Too and Time's Up and we are sort of talking about it a lot. So I feel like the projects that I am attracted to right now are kind of a part of that conversation. You know, maybe it'll be something different in a few years..."

You can watch our full interview with Elisabeth Moss below.

'The Invisible Man' hits cinemas this Friday (28 February) and you can read our review here.