Eddie Murphy returned as host on last night's 'SNL' after close to 35 years of being away from the show.

Murphy joined the show at just 19 years of age, and by 21, was an international superstar on a scale not seen before in comedy. In fact, much of the opening monologue was devoted to Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, and Tracy Morgan pitching sketches to Eddie Murphy and him rejecting them.

However, one sketch that was bound to return with Eddie Murphy was 'Mister Robinson's Neighbourhood', a mainstay of his time during the '80s. The sketch followed Mister Robinson, a parody of 'Mister Rogers' Neighbourhood', the children's TV show which is now getting the biopic treatment with Tom Hanks. Here's one of the sketches from the '80s.

As you'd expect, last night's sketch addressed the fact that gentrification has meant the kind of old building Mister Robinson lived in the '80s is now an extremely expensive apartment block today, complete with yuppies living next door with expensive TVs.

The sketch is, quite honestly, one of the best sketches Murphy's done throughout his career, and you can be all but certain he wrote this himself. It really is fantastic, and what a treat to see him back on stage, doing what he does best.

Take a look.