Is he a singer or an actor? Ed Sheeran would want to make up his mind as he seems to be landing random roles on TV shows left, right and centre. First it was Shortland Street, then Home and Away and he has been pretty vocal about wanting to appear in Game of Thrones.

Now it seems the 24-year-old singer has landed a role in an upcoming TV series, telling The Sun; "I have an acting job coming out after July.

"I can't say too much about it because the pilot just got picked up, which is good, but it's a TV show. It's a medieval TV show and it's really, really dark. It's gruesome and it's going to be fine because my friend wrote it.

''He had a musician in his last show and I said 'Oh, did he audition for that?' and he said, 'No, but I just thought he would be good in it.' So I said, 'Can you put me in a show next?'''

Sounds interesting... has to be Vikings though right? Right??