Well Holy God, as Miley Byrne would have said. ANOTHER soap star caught acting the maggot and losing his job because of it, well suspended from it this time round. EastEnders actor Ricky Norwood, who plays much loved character Fatboy on the soap, has been reprimanded for an incident involving a skype call, some nudity and some cannabis... possibly in that order.

The video of the call was leaked during the weekend by some young one looking to make a few pounds off the star most likely. It showed the actor smoking weed, and 'performing a sex act'. Oh dear, his ma must be mortified.

An EastEnders spokeswoman said: “Ricky Norwood has been suspended from the show for a period of two months with immediate effect. In addition, Ricky would like to apologise to EastEnders’ viewers for any offence caused and for bringing the show into disrepute.”

Another source has also said, "EastEnders is a family soap and the bosses don't tolerate any of this sort of behaviour. This is incredibly reckless by Ricky given his position on a BBC family soap. He's seen as a role model. It's made very clear to cast members that they have to behave, especially when it comes to sex and drugs."

So in summary, just because you're a big fancy scmancy soap star doesn't mean you can spark up doobies and wave your mickey around, and if you do, for God's sake don't do it on bloody camera.

That will learn him anyways.