Now don't worry, the artist formerly known as Samantha Janus isn't planning to follow in the footsteps of Bonnie Tyler for Eurovision 2014, Sam Womack is making her way back to Albert Square, marking Ronnie Mitchell's return to EastEnders.

You might remember that Sam left the soap a few years back amid controversy over that baby snatch storyline, which inspired over 9,000 viewer complaints. She took time off to recover from reported stress and exhaustion, while Ronnie headed into the slammer for her little stunt, leaving hubbie Jack feeling rather down in the dumps.

If you've been following the soaps of late, you'll know that Scott Maslen (aka Jack) is planning to leave the Square later this year, so it's no surprise that Ronnie will be returning before he says sayonara. Womack will begin filming this summer, and is said to be back for a six month period. We're guessing her future depends on how her return goes down with the viewers. We presume she'll bow out with Maslen, but you never know when it comes to EastEnders...

"I am thrilled to be returning to the role of Ronnie for the next six months. Ronnie is coming out of prison and her re-appearance in the Square is going to create havoc. I can’t wait to be a Mitchell once again." the actress said.

Well Sam, you'll always be a Janus in our eyes, especially after that Eurovision debacle in 1991. Hasn't she aged well?