Your head will be kept spinning over the next couple weeks as Phil discovers what Sharon has been up to, and decides to play her at her own game. As those that watch know, it all began when Sharon realised that Phil had set up those thugs to break into her bar. Now he never meant to hurt her, just to get her to be more stringent on security, but of course it all went terribly, terribly wrong and Sharon ended up in hospital.

Hence why she is now on the war path to fleece her future husband for all he's worth, but this is Phil Mitchell we are talking about, and it ain't easy getting one over on this dude. He discovers what she is up to, and while he initially hits the roof, he then decides to play her at her own game, according to the Daily Star.

Whatever this involves, we don't know, but we do know this is about to get very, very messy, and it's looking like this lifelong friendship may just be destroyed forever.

Although... they did get through that whole Mitchell love triangle thing so...