It seems all the best characters are upping and leaving the soaps these days, why they bother we don't know, most only gone on to a few episodes of Casualty before they come crawling back.

The latest cast member to bid farewell to Albert Square is Jake Wood, who has played philanderer Max Branning for almost a decade. However, Wood has said that it will most likely only be for a year, he told The Sun; "I've been at EastEnders for nine years and I feel the time is right to give Max a break. But it won't be for too long as I shall be back to see Max face another chapter of drama."

Jake, who also appeared in this year's Strictly Come Dancing, told the Mirror recently; "Max has had an interesting year, he fell in love and then he lost the love of his life. He then lost the car lot and the Arches. He’s down on his luck at the moment and that is interesting to play when Max is not flying so high, desperate and drinking whisky."

We thought Tanya was the love of his life, no? Silly us.

Always the lovable rogue though, he will definitely be missed, and we look forward to his big return next year when he will undoubtedly rock up, hands on hip, ready to save whatever day needs saving. Or just cop off with somebody's missus.