Well, we did not see this coming, did you? Usually any return of major characters is leaked somewhere by someone, but not this time. In case you weren't watching, Mr Ryan Malloy himself rocked up to the Square last night, having left the show three years ago as he needed to go on the run. (Don't they all?)

His sister Whitney had text him to meet him in the park, which we all thought was a bit ridiculous. I mean, why would he show up in the local PARK if he was on the.. no wait! There he is, never mind. Although he hid away until Whitney left the park with Stacey and Lily (Ryan's daughter) and poor Ryan looked very upset about it all. No excuse for that floppy hair-do, mind.

In case you had forgotten the back story here, Ryan left the soap in August 2011 after he killed this pimp Rob that had taken Whitney. Remember, they all want on an off-set adventure to Southend and Ryan and Rob ended up having a Street Fighter style encounter on the pier, with both of them falling off. We all thought Ryan was a goner, until he appeared out of nowhere on the beach - it was all very emotional and dramatic guys.

Anyways, he had to go on the run then because he was afraid he would go down for killing this Rob fella. Then that was it, there wasn't sight nor sound of him until last night. Although we did wonder if he may show his face at some point in the future given that Stacey and his daughter are back in the Square. And sure look, if she can get away with killing Archie Mitchell, then there's bound to be hope for him, right?

Either way, we doubt that's the last we'll be seeing of Ryan Malloy.

Neil McDermott, who plays Ryan, tweeted after the show...