SPOILER ALERT: Comic Relief clearly think Bianca and the Jacksons are the very model of a modern messed up family. First they chose Whitney for a hard hitting storyline about sexual exploitation and this year they've got their eye on young Liam for, you guessed it, a hard hitting story of his own.

The bosses at EastEnders have teamed up with the Red Nose Day bunch to develop a storyline that takes a look at teenage gang culture. The Sun reports that Liam, who we've already seen attempting to pawn off Uncle Derek's dodgy loot, is set to get involved with a reckless band of young thugs. Bianca will be left struggling to stop the 14 year old from embarking on a life of crime. Where's Rickaaaaaay when you need him eh?

A show source told the newspaper that "Bianca Butcher is at her wits' end when she starts to lose control of Liam. She does all she can to keep him in line but it’s not long before Liam becomes caught up. Bianca will have to face a terrible battle as she tries to get him to choose between his family and the gang."

The whole thing will come to a head in a six-minute segment to be screened on Red Nose Day (March 15th). Executive producer Lorraine Newman said the subject was important as it touches lives in towns and cities throughout the UK.
"We have taken the opportunity to see the impact from a mother’s perspective", she said, "Patsy Palmer gives a powerful performance of a woman doing all she can to protect her son."