In the world we're currently living in, one might think that they've been on a certain reality TV show for who knows how long. And it's only now that we understand how all those celebrities end up going into a meltdown while living with such big personalities.

Well, if you're feeling like a throwback this summer (because all of our regular reality TV shows will be on hold), then TV channel E4 have just the solution for you - they're bringing a 'Big Brother' best episodes series to us to help pass the time. And it's just the trashy TV experience we've been looking forward to.

Recruiting the original host of the show Davina McCall, who will be joined by Rylan Clark-Neal, the TV personalities will be walking us back down memory lane in bringing us the very best episodes the reality TV series has offered us up over the years.

Launching back in much simpler times in the summer of 2000, the regular 'Big Brother' edition ran for 11 series with Davina McCall at the helm, along with spin-off 'Celebrity Big Brother' also becoming a major hit with audiences. Channel 4 then ended the reality series, before it moved to the Channel 5 from 2011 to 2018 which was hosted by Emma Willis.

But the question is - which of the 'Big Brother' best episodes will the series be bringing back? There are a number of moments we can't wait to relive, such as in series seven while Nikki Grahame stole the show for her "Who is she?" remark; Kim Woodburn and her spats with her housemates in 2017; and who could forget when the housemates of 'Celebrity Big Brother' in 2016 found out that David Bowie had passed away.

Why not relive some of Nikki Grahame's finest moments in honour of the new series.

There's been no official release date for the new 'Big Brother' best episodes series yet, but expect the throwback to arrive on E4 in the coming weeks.