Down the years we have had some great TV shows to grace our screens here on our small island. Some not so great, but what's lacking is often the presence of a really great character who can totally steal the scene. We've compiled a list of some the best the Big Schmoke has had to offer down the years. Those characters that embody the best and worst of the capital, not saying the rest of the country doesn't have plenty to offer, but for the purpose of not writing until the end of time, we've narrowed it down to Dub for now.

Mrs Brown

How could we not begin with her? In some ways she's your typical Irish mammy, in others she just plain bonkers, but her popularity cannot be denied. She's pretty much a global star at this stage, even if there are still folk out there who don't realise she's played by a man, yep, they're out there, people.

Father Damo - Father Ted

The bad-ass priest of Father Ted that was responsible for Dougal's 'troublesome teenage years'. Poor innocent Dougal was off having his ears pierced and caught up in whistle theft incidents all because of the influence of the bowld priest from Dublin, played by comedian Joe Rooney. He did pose the most important question of the nineties to Dougal though, Blur... or Oasis?

Nidge - Love Hate

It's our favourite criminal crime lord! Yes he kills folk and terrorises them, and is generally just a bad egg, but you know, he has his moments... fretting about his baldness, chatting with his kid in the car. He's not all bad, that Nidgey, we reckon there's hope for him yet.

Barry - Bachelors Walk

He may have been played by Donegal man Keith McErlean, but Barry had to be the most loveable resident of Dublin's City Centre for a while there, mainly because he was just such a big egit, bless him. Always looking for a get rich quick scheme, and chasing young ones, Barry was responsible for some classic one liners on a series that came and went far too fast.

Mondo - Fair City

We preferred Mondo in the earlier years than his recent scheming and breaking Kerri-Ann's heart and whatnot, but he truly is the definition of the loveable rogue. Constantly letting his dad Ray down, Mondo is always trying to find a fast route to the top, at the expense of all around him. Still though, hard not to have a soft spot for this cheeky chappy.

Jo Jo - Raw

Okay, okay, Jo Jo wasn't from Dublin but she was an adopted citizen and apart of one of the best dramas RTE has had to offer over the few years. Raw followed the lives and loves of the staff of a Dublin restaurant but it was Jo Jo, played by the lovely Charlene McKenna, who stole the show. Constantly causing trouble for herself, she certainly had her flaws, but you couldn't help but root for this feisty little sous-chef.

Dustin the Turkey

Dustin came on to our screens back in 1989 as a mate of Zig and Zag's and managed to become a star is his own right. Didn't we send him to Eurovision for crying out loud? This little puppet gets away with murder saying pretty much anything he wants to whoever he wants because well, he can. Every country should have a Dustin the Turkey.

Damo and Ivor

Who would have thought that when we first seen Damo and Ivor on Republic of Telly back in 2011 they could go on to make such a crackin' show? Filled with some hilarious comedy moments along with a few unexpected heartfelt ones too. Apart of us still finds it hard to believe they are both played by the same person, Andrew Quirke. The lads are back on our screens tonight where hopefully Damo has served his time and Ivor is alright sans kidney. More importantly though, we will get to see just how they are handling the news of Sarah Jane's pregnancy, will it be daddy Damo or daddy Ivor? Catch them at 10pm on RTE2.