This week's 'SNL' opened with Jim Carrey's debut as Joe Biden, but one of the standout sketches of the show had absolutely nothing to do with Trump, Biden, or anything to do with US politics.

Drew Barrymore's chat show has been, let's call it a little strange? That's a diplomatic way of putting it. If you happened across a couple of clips for it on Twitter or the like, you'll get the kind of frenzied energy that it gives off.

Well, sure enough, 'SNL' decided to hone in on that frenzied energy this week by putting Chloe Fineman in the role of Drew Barrymore, and having her rip the piss out of it for about five minutes. Everything from the fact that Barrymore is clearly texting her mates to get them to come on, to general daytime talk show absurdity, gets taken on.

The best part of it all, however, is that even the real Drew Barrymore was in on the joke, and tweeted the sketch out from her own account, adding, "Can't believe we didn't think of 'How Drew you do' first".

Here's the sketch itself.