'All Stars' season seven has just wrapped and we're already thinking about the next one. The standard was as high as Trixie's quiff, so we don't want to see any biscuit heels or pussycat wigs. That's why we've picked 11 queens that we know can slay the house down boots, mama.

Grab your opera glasses and tiny handbags kitty girls because you're about to walk purse first into the 'Drag Race' equivalent of a fantasy football team. We know some of our esteemed racers would probably never return but for the right season... who knows? These are our eleven favourites that we'd love to see stomp the runway one more time for 'RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars' season 8.

Crystal Methyd

Season 12, Joint Runner-Up

We love a whacky queen - but Crystal Methyd is so much more than just the butt of the drag joke. The joint runner-up of her season came on literal leaps and bounds (and dumps) throughout the competition, improving her make-up skills AND delivering on comedy gold. Plus, we've seen her in real-life serving it at The George and she was everything we were hoping for and more. Here's to more drag queens with mullets.

Denali Foxx

Season 13, 8th Place

Denali had a very close call during the first official elimination, nearly bowing out as the Pork Chop of season 13. However, thanks to wearing something less restricting than her fellow contestant Kahmora Hall, she incinerated the queen during '100% Pure Love' (which was also the most-viewed lip sync on YouTube of 2021). Denali deserves a redemption arc because, in all fairness, Olivia Luxx deserved to be sent home for that bogus make-up job she did to her sister. Talk about a Flopiana!


Season Seven, Runner-Up

"Do I have something on my face" will forever remain in the top five best 'Drag Race' moments of all time. And do you know what? We would live for a chance to see Ru and Pearl go toe-to-toe one more time. While it's unlikely Pearl will ever touch base into the 'Drag Race' studio ever again, given that she's currently living out in a secluded forest, we still dream of seeing more tired-ass body language, vocal fry, killer looks and a general sense of *flazéda on the main stage.


Season Three, Runner-Up; 'All Stars' Season One, Runner-Up

The inclusion of this bitter bitch might cause a moment of sheer panic for RuPaul as, after all, Raven is her make-up artist. However, the level we expect from 'All Stars' has been raised dramatically after what we've seen get served up to fans on the most recent season. The Emmy-winner is of such a high calibre that it's about time Raven was given her moment in the spotlight once again (and not just there for confusing comedic effect à la the opening episode of 'All Stars' season 7).

Heidi N Closet

Season 12, 5th Place

We'll be blessed and highly favoured if Heidi came back into the werkroom, the shining beacon of hope that she is. During her season, Heidi was dragged for her name and some of her fashion choices (did we hear someone say "leprosy print"?), but as we've seen from her lip sync assassin appearance during 'All Stars' season six, she's really upped her fashion game. Heidi might seem like a soft and supple queen, but she's got the Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and all of the Talent to make it all the way on 'RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars' season 8.

Acid Betty

Season 8, 8th place

Acid Betty would throw anybody under the bus to get ahead and she’d probably think it was totally hilarious. Not that we stan this kind of queen or that behaviour, but we all need a shit stirrer, right? A psychedelic look-queen, her handmade ‘Money Ball’ runway is a masterclass in design challenges. She’s also an example of how not to dress for the ‘Night of 1000 Madonnas’. Hint: don’t wear a fake baby bump.

Aiden Zhane

Season 12, 8th place

Aiden Zhane was extremely marmite in her season; she’s the ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’’ answer to drag. She was like the angsty teenage drag sister — all grunge and misunderstanding. She had potential, but she never really gave herself enough of a kick up the arse to “werk, bitch” — her referee look was a self-inflicted red card. But there’s since been time to marinate à la a Blair St Clair comeback.

Kim Chi

Season 8, Runner-Up

Front runner for our dream season? Maybe; she’s got the (pork)chops, the lovability, the narrator role, and the one-liners to do it. Her anime style makeup was like nothing we’d ever seen back in 2016. She’s wholesome but with an attitude; she’ll read your shitty runway look without you even realising. But donut come for her.


Season 7, 5th place; 'All Stars 2', Runner-Up

We know, we know, stop screaming. Of course, Katya would, like, never come back to ‘Drag Race’ but this is our dream cast, not yours. Katya is a punky little weirdo queen in the best way possible. She also basically invented the splits in her tropical air hostess outfit to ‘Twist of Fate’. She also offers some amazing life advice such as “"When in doubt, show them your asshole”.

Gigi Goode

Season 12, Runner-Up

She is good. Like, really good. During her season, she was a look queen who was in the top more or less week on week. Who doesn’t want to see more of her (and her mom’s - awww) handmade garments? Plus, with Crystal in the same werkroom, that rumoured romance could stir up a Brooklyn and Vanjie-esque dragmance.

Yuhua Hamasak

Season 10, 12th place

Not everyone will recall Yuhua initially — they are a well-known seamstress that was first eliminated in season 10. But their reunion look was one of the most bizarre we’ve ever seen on the show. They dressed like something between the corpse bride and the scary girl from ‘The Ring’. Now, they run a ‘Drag Race’ reactions YouTube series called ‘Bootleg Opinions’ and since it’s unlikely that there’ll be a first eliminated queens series, we demand to see more of them.

This article was written in collaboration between your resident 'Drag Race' queens here at entetainment.ie, Grace McKeever and Eoghan Cannon. Which of the queens who've already done had theirses do you think will be back for more on 'Drag Race: All Stars' season 8?