Irish fans of 'RuPaul's Drag Race' have been tuning in for countless weeks since January, watching a drag queen strut, pose and *nearly* sashay away on the infamous competition. And only now has the world woken up to the news that said drag queen is named after a very famous puppet from Ireland.

Little did we imagine that a legendary Irish television puppet from the '70s and '80s would one day turn into a drag queen. Yes, the Bosco name lives on in the form of season 14 finalist on 'RuPaul's Drag Race', who only this weekend found out that they share a link to a cherished Irish entity.

For those not in the 'Drag Race' know, the drag queen has been fiercely competing on the reality show competition, hosted by RuPaul, and will take up one of the five spots in the final, which is set to air on April 23.

And for those not in the "Irish puppetry" know, the creation is a gender-fluid star who rose to fame in Ireland in the late '70s with their self-titled children's show on RTÉ 2. They've got trademark red hair, rosy cheeks, a stripey green outfit and the squeakiest of voices. Not a bad word can be said about Bosco.

It all kicked off on Irish Twitter over the weekend when Domino's Pizza Ireland tweeted that they are #TeamBosco for the 'Drag Race' finale, because "look at the glow up".

Naturally, this then sparked an unexpected mashup between the two artists to appear, featuring the drag queen's catwalks set to the Irish puppet's theme song. Even the drag queen Bosco gave the video a "WUT" reaction.

Of course, the Irish connection has been confusing some stans of the show.

And there you have it, you're all caught up on the drag queen Bosco news. A collaboration between the two stars wouldn't go amiss, mind.

The official Bosco Twitter account has silently been retweeting all of the interactions over the weekend.

Bosco, if Ireland and our beloved puppet don't get a shoutout during the grand finale (which has already been filmed)... Please feel free to drop by The George anytime in the future for a bespoke drag show like so many of your 'Drag Race' sisters before you.