Nowadays, you can't so much as glance at the web without there being another viral video to watch, and nearly all of them are guaranteed a chuckle. But how do you know which ones are worth giving up a few minutes of your precious time for and which you can give a miss to? By watching Uploaded I tells ya!

The sixth serious of the show returns tonight on 3e and it pretty much does all the work for you by showing you the absolute best of the web, whether it be kids after the dentist or owners running after their deer-chasing dogs and the like. The show is hosted by Spin's Gordon Hayden, and this time round it will feature two of our best and brightest from towers as resident film buff Rory Cashin and beard aficionado Brian Lloyd are the co-writers of the new season.

So if you fancy kicking your Friday off with a few good hearty laughs (and who wouldn't?) tune into 3e at 9pm to check out their handy work.