It's well-documented that the man described by Louis CK as a "lying sack of sh**", US President Donald Trump, has a history in television.

Obviously, The Apprentice was his one hit and he never shuts up about it, but Trump also tried to pitch a number of ideas to television executives through the year. Some fell flat, such as a one-season gameshow called Trump Card, whilst another was a scripted soap not unlike Dynasty or Dallas.

Where Trump's soapy television series differed from the aforementioned was that his was about models. So, y'know, not surprising really. According to a profile with Jeff Zucker, the current chief executive of CNN - who was once the head of entertainment at NBC, the same television channel that hosts The Apprentice - Trump was dead serious about the soap, known only as The Tower after the Manhattan skyscraper where these models lived.

According to the New York Magazine's Daily Intelligencer, "Zucker instructed his development team to buy the pitch and hire a writer, even though he never intended to put it on TV. (Even before there was a script, Trump had a casting demand: They had to hire real models, not actresses.)"

Why did Trump want real models? So he could walk in on them while they were changing, perhaps?


Via NY Magazine