As you've seen over the past two weeks, SNL and Alec Baldwin has truly been nailing the US Presidential Election and skewering Donald Trump on a consistent basis.

While you could argue that it's low-hanging fruit and that Trump is almost too easy a target, the fact is that it's clearly getting under his skin. In the middle of one of the most bitterly fought campaigns in modern political history, Donald Trump took time out of his busy schedule of denying claims of sexual assault and claiming that Hillary Clinton is on drugs to attack SNL.

That's right, Republican nominee Donald Trump is getting shirty with a long-running comedy show for making fun of him. You literally couldn't make it up.

Of course, the really funny part about all of this is that roughly around this time last year, Donald Trump actually hosted an episode of SNL where one sketch showed him dancing to Drake's Hotline Bling.

Yeah, see that's the thing about the Internet - you really can't get away with saying anything anymore because, y'know, fact-checking. In fact, Donald Trump was also took part in a sketch back in 2004 with Seth Meyers, Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler about something to do with chickens.

Not only that, Trump also turned up on the 15th Anniversary Show when he got a bowl of popcorn dumped over his head by former SNL star Chevy Chase.

So, yeah, seems a bit odd that he's calling it boring and unfunny when he's been on it a few times or, more pointedly, that it's the media rigging the election against him.


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