With each passing day brings more and more certainty that Donald Trump is not only a dumbass, but a particular kind of dumbass.

It's one thing to suggest that he's not terribly curious or bright, but the evidence has been piling up for the past four years that he is truly stupid. How stupid? Stupid enough to walk around like his face got a blast on wood varnish? Oh, no. Much, much more stupid than that.

Earlier this morning, Donald Trump posted a video clip from the latest season of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm', where Larry David inadvertently drives into a biker who begins to curse him out when they're stopped at a traffic lights. Larry then places a MAGA hat on his head, and the biker tells him to be more careful next time and drives off.

The caption to this bit of observational comedy? 'TOUGH GUYS FOR TRUMP!'

So, where to begin? For one, the very idea that Donald Trump thinks Larry David - who plays Bernie Sanders on 'SNL', by the way - would be in his corner is just f*cking laughable. To make it even more obvious, Larry David actually heckled Donald Trump when he hosted 'SNL' in 2015 by calling him a racist.

It gets worse. The whole point of Larry David wearing the MAGA hat in the show was that he would wear it so he didn't have to interact with people he didn't like. The idea was that the MAGA hat was so utterly repellent to people that the minute he popped it on, they'd flee from him. Literally, in the next scene, while wearing the hat, Larry remarks that it's a great people repellent.

Here's a few clips from the episode, giving it all context.

It is truly remarkable that not only did Donald Trump happily flaunt copyright laws by posting a TV recording of a show, you've also got the fact that he didn't even get that the joke was on him in the first place. In fact, in a recent interview about this recurring joke in the episode, Larry David made his feelings on it clear.

How clear? Take a look at this clip.

Truly, these are strange and baffling times, but one thing's for certain - Donald Trump is an absolute dumbass.