As you may have already heard, the animated Deadpool TV series with Donald Glover and FX has effectively been cancelled after the dreaded "creative differences" excuse was trotted out earlier this week.

While there's been nothing in the way of official explanations, Donald Glover took to Twitter earlier today and pointed out that he wasn't "too busy" to work on the series, and then preceded to share a mock script of an episode in full. To be fair, you'd be forgiven for thinking Donald Glover had way too much on his plate to work on a series like Deadpool.

He's got Solo: A Star Wars Story, his music career (which may or not may be finished in its current form), he's also got the live-action adaptation of The Lion King where he's playing Simba, and the TV series Atlanta which is now in its second season - but, all that aside, Glover says he was ready and able to do Deadpool.

Here's the script he posted earlier today. Although it's just speculation, there's a good chance he wrote this in response to the whole thing falling apart and some of the jokes - particularly the whole Beyonce face-biting thing - are way too recent.

Take a look and see for yourself.

It's quite possible we missed one of the pages, but you can check out the whole thread here and judge for yourself.


Via Twitter