Ever since Matt Smith announced his departure from the hit show numerous names have been thrown around as to who will replace him. Even our own Domhnall Gleeson was said to be in the mix, a claim though he has since rubbished. 

However Dominic Cooper has since spoke out about the rumours that he will be the next Doctor Who. Cooper said he would 'absolutely' consider a chance to step into Matt Smith's shoes. He has previously admitted he knew nothing about the role despite hearing his name being thrown around as a possible contender.  Speaking on This Morning, Cooper said 'I would definitely consider it... it would be very, very scary.Matt's done an incredible job of it, and he's made it so different and daring and I wouldn't know where to begin with where to take that after what he has done.But, of course, it's an incredible show - you couldn't possibly not consider it.'

When questioned if those who are compiling the list should add him, Cooper said, 'absolutely'. Cooper joins the likes of Russell Brand, Helen Mirren and Samuel West, who have all been reported to have been suggested for the role of Doctor Who. However, writer Neil Gaimen, has said he does not want any of the famous names mentioned to take the job as he prefers relatively unknown actors. Burrrrn! Looks like we will be waiting a while to find out who the next Doctor Who will be, with showrunner Steven Moffat dismissing rumours that an announcement was imminent and  adding that the team have barely started looking for a replacement.