The political HBO limited series is being developed by the same team who created Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ ‘Veep’.

Domhnall Gleeson has been cast alongside previously announced Woody Harrelson and Justin Theroux for a new political limited series for HBO. 

‘The White House Plumbers’ will be a five-part series based on the goings-on within the White House during President Richard Nixon’s power-tripping run. The US President was in power between 1969 to 1974, until he was impeached and later resigned from office. 

Gleeson will play John Dean, who was one of the leading figures who spear-headed Nixon’s demise. He is described as a “brilliant, ambitious and youthful White House Counsel” who orchestrates the illegal cover-up that brought down Nixon. 

Woody Harrelson will play E. Howard Hunt, with Justin Theroux as G. Gordon Liddy. Both were Nixon’s two Watergate masterminds, who accidentally sabotaged the presidency they were trying to protect. Both Harrelson and Theroux are also on board as executive producers. 

‘The White House Plumbers’ will be a joint collaboration between HBO and production company wiip, and is based on public records of the administration and also the book ‘Integrity’ by Egil “Bud” Krogh and Matthew Krogh.

‘Veep’ writers and executive producers Alex Gregory and Peter Huyck created the HBO series, with ‘Veep’ showrunner Davin Mandell on board as executive producer and director. The political satire series followed Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the US Vice President and all of the many awkward and unfortunate happenings that go along with having such a role in the US spotlight. The comedy series ran for seven seasons, earning 17 Emmy wins. 

Domhnall Gleeson starred in HBO series 'Run' in the past, and most recent appearance on our screens was in the new comedy series opposite his brother Brian, 'Frank of Ireland'.