Dolph Lundgren, star of 'Rocky IV', 'Red Scorpion', 'The Expendables' and 'Kindergarten Cop 2' (seriously, don't look it up because it's awful), is to host a new ITV game show based on action movies.

The show, which will be broadcast on ITV 4 and called 'The Tower', will see contestants take part in "a combination of physical challenges and quiz questions that draw on action movies and their tropes," according to Variety. The winners of said challenges and questions will then ascend the tower and first one to reach the top wins.

There's no word yet on what kind of prize money is on offer, but if it turns out to be the amount Hans Gruber was aiming for in 'Die Hard', it's going to be pretty spectacular. Lundgren is best known for his role as Ivan Drago in 'Rocky IV', where he hit Sylvester Stallone so hard in the chest that he sent him to the ER. Lundgren will reprise that same role in the upcoming sequel to 'Creed' later this year, and was sighted on set with his on-screen son Florian Munteanu doing the Rocky Steps in Philadelphia.

'The Tower' is expected to arrive on ITV 4 later this year.