The seventh season of 'Love Island' has been airing for almost two weeks at this stage, and it hasn't escaped fans' notice that virtually nothing is happening.

For a format that usually feels awkward anyway, it has become painfully so in this latest season. It feels like there's no love on 'Love Island' at all.

It was perhaps never really the case that people were coming on this series in search of a genuine connection. After all, as with any reality programming, the majority that volunteer for it want the fame and fortune that comes with the exposure.

But at least with previous seasons you had at least one couple to root for, who shared a genuine spark, and kept you hopeful that love is real. In the current series, there isn't one couple you genuinely believe have a chance at staying together through the series, let alone outside of the villa.

The recent arrival of "bombshells" Millie and Lucinda have all the boys heads' turning.

Aaron has now broken things off with Sharon and it looks like Jake is about to mug Liberty off.

Toby doesn't really seem all that into Kaz, and Faye only wants Liam now that he has his eye on these other girls.

The saddest part is Liberty, Sharon and Kaz really like their fellas. But in a way, it's basic biology - women want a partner, men just want to f*** around.

Obviously that's a major generalisation, but generalisations is what you're dealing with when it comes to 'Love Island'.

Consider the very first round of 'Love Island' which sees the girls step forward for guys they consider attractive.

Sure it gets everyone coupled up quickly, but it's so cringeworthy as well as sexist, and quite cruel to the boys.

The contestants constantly talk about it being important that they find someone "they can have the chats" with - namely have fun with, have good conversation with and, you know, have an actual connection with that doesn't solely rely on looks.

But then you've this cast of "hot" people and a format which continually brings more hot "bombshells" into the villa. Thus any and all relationships are reduced to purely physical attraction, rather than allowing anything more genuine or emotional to develop.

Obviously, watching a relationship grow with nuance and effort probably wouldn't make for that interesting TV.

But on this season of 'Love Island', the format seems to be failing entirely, as in spite of all the hotties present, no one is really attracted to one another.

The cycle goes thusly: interest starts to wane, two new hotties (before Millie and Lucinda, it was Liam and Chuggs) arrive, who are attractive for like 5 mins, until who they're coupled up with realises there's "no spark" (namely they're just a bit dull), and the cycle begins again.

Maybe 'Love Island' should consider renaming their programme as it's quite clear they're not interested in its couples finding love at all.

Then there's the added cruel factor that people want to save their skin and not get dumped off the island, so they'll feign feelings that aren't really there (looking at you, Brad).

Moreover, there's no strong personality in this season of 'Love Island' like Maura or Georgia from previous years.

And you've got entire episodes revolving around storylines like two girls being pissed over someone hinting at their plastic surgery. Clearly the showrunners are struggling for material.

At this rate, they might as well get on with Casa Amor. We doubt anyone is considering being "loyal". And at least there's a chance the Casa will bring in some interesting personalities.

'Love Island' continues tonight on Virgin Media One and on Virgin Media Player.