Anyone else surprised to see Jenna-Louise Coleman feature heavily in Saturday's first episode of Doctor Who when she's not meant to be in it 'til Christmas? And especially since she turned out to be a Dalek who self-combusted at the end of the episode? The Doctor was preoccupied with where she got the milk for her souffles from, I was more perplexed by her year's supply of hair product and red lippy.

While Jenna-Louise made her appearance as Oswin 'Souffle Girl' Oswald in Saturday's episode, she will apparently make her reappearance as the good Doctor's right hand lady at Christmas, under the moniker of Clara Oswin - so they're linked in some way.

Personally I'm willing for it to be the same person, what with her rather fetching red mini dress, her bi-curious tendencies, and spouting lines like "The nose and the chin. You two could fence." She makes Amy Pond seem like a puddle in comparison (apologies, but I've never been a fan/convinced). Roll on Christmas.

Saturday's series opener was watched by 6.4million viewers, which is an increase of 200,000 from the opening episode of the last series.

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