Exposes on low cost airlines aren't ever good news for fearful fliers, and by the looks of, tonight's Dispatches (which allegedly takes us into the cockpit with some anonymous Ryanair pilots) is no exception to the rule.

The hour long special sees reporter Seyi Rhodes sitting down with some anonymous men and women who claim to do the flying, in order to find out why they say they're concerned about the airline's fuel policy and working conditions. If you're not a big Michael O'Leary fan, we expect you'll enjoy what they have to say, but remember, it's all alleged at this stage.

The pilots will be talking us through what they claim are issues that could put passengers lives at risk, and also discussing that fateful day in July 2012 when three Ryanair planes made emergency landings, because there was almost no fuel left in the tank.

Now, if you're packing your bags to head off on holidays don't be cancelling in a panic. We're sure you'll be absolutely fine. Those of you with the err, stomach, and nerves of steel to boot, can catch Dispatches: Ryanair - Secrets from the Cockpit on Channel 4 tonight at 8pm.

UPDATE: Ryanair is now threatening Dispatches with legal action, claiming that the documentary is 'defamatory'. Full story here.