Matt Murdock might come back to life - again.

In recent months, Netflix has cancelled three Marvel hit shows. Many fans have held onto hope that this isn't the end of 'Daredevil', 'Luke Cage' and 'Iron Fist'.

First, the hope was that the three series would find their way to Disney's new streaming service, Disney+. The streaming service will be home to various exclusive projects relating to the studio’s biggest franchises when it launches late 2019.

However, it has been reported that a clause in the contract between Marvel / Disney and Netflix states that there has to be a two-year waiting period between when the characters appear on Netflix and when they'll appear on Disney+ or any new iteration.

Now an interview with Kevin Mayer, the chairman of Walt Disney direct-to-consumer and “top dealmaker”, has reignited fans' hopes.

Mayer told THR: “They are very high-quality shows. We haven’t yet discussed that, but I would say that’s a possibility.”

Well 'possibility' can only be a good thing, right?

The most recent cancellation of 'Daredevil' came as a shock to fans.

'Daredevil' actress Amy Rutberg stressed earlier this week that Netflix cancelled the series, not Marvel.

She said: "We had heard rumours we would start production as early as February 2019. It’s a little unusual to be that far ahead in the planning and cancel the show, which makes me think Netflix was laboring over whether or not to cancel it. My guess was it was not an easy decision."

The only Marvel shows that have not been cancelled by Netflix are 'Jessica Jones' and 'Daredevil' spin-off 'The Punisher', which returns for a second season in January.

The TV shows expected to premiere on Disney+ include Star Wars spin-off 'The Mandalorian'. The full cast list is now available.