Bosco was as much part of many Irish adults childhoods as Tip the Can and Mr Freezes, but for those of you tuning into your red-haired puppet friend in the nineties, you're in for a surprise.

You were watching repeats.

Yes, Bosco wasn't actually down in RTÉ studios tripping out through magic doors and whatnot, the show actually finished up in 1987. However it ran for 386 episodes so they had plenty of material to keep throwing out at us unsuspecting kids.

Bosco kicked off in 1979 and was shown on RTE until 1996, when it was replaced in its slot on The Den by The Morbegs.

If you had your childhood in the noughties, you may also be shocked to hear you were watching repeats of The Morbegs too - that show ran from 1996 to 1998 but was repeated on RTÉ until 2008

Fan of Fair City? You've actually been watching repeats since 1993! Okay, that one's a joke.

But still, we're shook. No wonder it felt like Bosco was always at the feckin' zoo.