If you're up to date on 'Love Island', you'll be aware that Anton, Tommy and Jordan's trip to the supermarket kicked off quite a bit of drama.

Not only did Anton feel Belle's wrath in quite stunning fashion as the islanders went to a club last night, but viewers spotted a very suspicious detail that has once again led to accusations of the show being scripted.

Someone pointed out that the shopkeeper that Anton gave his number to (banter, innit) was the same person as the bartender at the club - and that because the boys didn't react to her, it was proof that the whole thing was staged.

However, others argued that it was a different woman, despite the long brown hair and glasses. And really, would producers really risk putting the same 'actress' in two roles? One Twitter user even said that she knew the 'shopkeeper' and it was a different girl altogether.

It looks like this may be the TV version of 'The Dress'.

Is it the same girl or not? Her glasses are a different shape, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything...