There's an adage that says any article that ends with a question mark can be answered simply as a no.

That adage, if it comes up in a pub quiz, is called Betteridge's Law of Headlines - but this really is a question that has no relatively simple answer. Jeffrey Wright, who was on the lead cast in HBO's Westworld, posted up an image on his Instagram of some fan art of his character, Bernard Lowe.

The first draft of the text underneath the image stated that there was three days of filming left for the series, and then "we're circling back online this April... hard." He then changed April to Spring, which as we already know, has been the official line from HBO so far. Here's the Instagram post in question.

Now, you may say to yourself that this is sort of ridiculous - and it is, in the grand scheme of things - but HBO has Westworld under such tight security that a slip-up like this doesn't happen all that often or at all. Moreover, Westworld's first season was plagued by production delays and the release date moved constantly - so not setting a firm date seems like the way they want to operate in the second season.

Technically, April is in Spring so it's sounds logical - but who knows, really? Well, Jeffrey Wright obviously.

In the meantime, let's enjoy that very well-edited trailer for the second season.


Via Instagram