In reaching-way-too-hard news, eagle-eyed fans of Game Of Thrones are claiming that they've seen a ghost in the latest episode.

Apparently, there's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo from none other than Catelyn Stark. In the scene where Arya fights with Brienne in the courtyard of Winterfell, fans claim that an extra in the background is, in fact, character actress Michelle Fairley reprising her role in ghost form.

Here's the scene in question. You'll "see" Catelyn just a few seconds before two-minute mark.

Computer, freeze frame and ENHANCE.

So, does that look like Catelyn Stark to you? Because it doesn't to us.

Considering how the costume designers used Ikea rugs for the Night's Watch, it's not that hard to believe they'd reuse the costume for Catelyn Stark for an extra. Of course, the real reason why this fan theory is getting traction is because - in the books - Catelyn Stark survived the Red Wedding, was brought back to life by Berric Dondarrion and became Lady Stoneheart.

Stoneheart famously couldn't speak, but all she did was go around the Riverlands, strangling Freys and Lannisters with a band of henchmen that included Thoros Of Myr AKA the "bald c**t" with the top-knot and the aforementioned Beric Dondarrion.

As cool and all as it was in the books, bringing Lady Stoneheart back for the TV series at this advanced stage wouldn't make any sense.


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