Northern Irish comedy series 'Derry Girls' won over audiences with their hilarious take on the happenings in the county during the 1990's. And two of the stars of the series have managed to send us on a message from 1996 to cheer us all up (and put things into perspective).

'Derry Girls' stars Saoirse-Monica Jackson and Louisa Clare Harland, who play cousins Erin and Orla on the hit Channel 4 TV series, have managed to upload a video of themselves while bombing takes place in Derry in 1996.

The actresses live together in real life, so they thought it was best to keep themselves entertained and embody what they reckon their characters would have done at a time like this - hide in a bunker. Well, we say bunker, but it's really just the two of them hiding out in a closet. And craving bowls of coco pops.

Here's the feelgood video for you, with the two 'Derry Girls' stars.

Before many productions of TV shows and movies were halted recently, series three of 'Derry Girls' was being worked on by creator Lisa McGee. Hopefully when the girls manage to get out of the safety of their make-shift bunker, we'll get an update on when we can expect the comedy series to return to our screens.