The acclaimed Irish comedy writer of 'Derry Girls', Lisa McGee, has tweeted to fans a slight update on where she's at with season three.

We hope you're in it for the long haul, because 'Derry Girls' season three is still a fair bit away. Lisa McGee, the writer of the first two series of the hit TV show, has given fans a tease as to where she is with the next instalment.

The writer tweeted: "Hi everyone. I’m currently in the thick of writing series 3. Who knows what the future holds for The Derry Girls but please don’t worry...we are plotting!!"

'Derry Girls' season three is expected to arrive back on Channel 4 later this year - however, a recent slip from one of the show's stars is that the next series may be the last outing for the rambunctious secondary school students.

According to Tommy Tiernan, who plays Da Gerry in the series, he spilled the beans on a recent radio interview and revealed that the third series may be the sitcom's final instalment. He told Jason Manford on his radio show: "This is the last series, I think. As far as I know this is the very last series."

While the news was not confirmed by anyone other than Tiernan, he also informed the presenter that the series is expected to start filming again in April.

Will 'Derry Girls' season three be the cast's last hurray? We'll just have to be patient, unfortunately.