It's been a long time coming, but the third season of 'Derry Girls' is finally on its way.

In a series of tweets from Nicola Coughlan - who plays Clare Devlin in 'Derry Girls' - it was confirmed that the third season is due to begin filming shortly, adding that COVID-19 pushed back filming dates several times.

Coughlan added that, despite this, "the storylines in this series are the best we've ever done" and that it will be "worth the wait". The second season ended in April 2019, with a third season commissioned almost immediately after it had aired. Originally, production was due to begin in the spring of last year, however lockdown measures impacted those plans.

The last episode of the second season saw the visit of US President Bill Clinton play a major role, not to mention the fact that it was looking like James was going back to London at the end of the episode. The finale of the episode was particularly poignant, as it ended with Bill Clinton's famous speech at Guildhall Square in Derry.