So earlier today The Sun reported that Derren Brown was going to use his mind tricks to turn someone gay apparently. In fairness, by comparison to some of the other stunts he's pulled (convincing someone the world hand ended, and getting a lad to try and "kill" Stephen Fry), this one sounded tame enough. Wasn't an ounce of truth in though, as it turned out.

They claimed Derren, who came out himself four years ago, had told Gay Times that the idea popped into his head quite recently, even producing an elaborate quote, which they claimed came from Mr Brown himself. Derren hit back via his official Facebook page, claiming the story was complete and utter rubbish.

The illusionist slash hypnotist is a big hit on d'telly, so we can only imagine how many viewers a stunt like that would have pulled in. And how much of a hullabloo it would create, obviously.