Yesterday we reported that illusionist and mind bender extraordinaire Derren Brown was planning on turning a man or woman gay live on TV. Some of you thought this was ridiculous, we kind of did too. Turns out, it was just something he said in passing whilst speaking to the Gay Times, in a 'wouldn't that be interesting' kind of way; not that it was next on his agenda, as The Sun later reported.

Today, Mr Brown has taken to his own personal Twitter to deny such rumours.

"Article in @TheSunNewspaper saying my next show is about changing sexuality: total rubbish. Thanks 4 that, being printed everywhere as fact... Same paper printed 'story' that Steven from [Apocalypse] was an actor. And when we spoke to journo, she said she didn't really believe it herself."

He then made the following quip: "Exclusive: the next show is changing The Sun into a publication that reports facts."

Guess you can't read everything you read in print, eh? Still though, fun to speculate.