'Dermot Bannon's Incredible Homes' began on RTE One last night, and saw the architect head to Sydney to look at some of the most incredible houses.

First off on the show, Dermot decided to check that down under, the water truly does flush out anti-clockwise. And to do this, he used tea leaves in a sink.

Five minutes in, Dermot had used the word "space" quite a lot. In fairness, the first house he arrived to on his tour, had acres.

Although, not many people were a fan of it.

Entering house number two, Dermot had to conquer his feat of spiders by looking for the house key under the rocks. Cue camera man scaring the sh*t out of the architect.

And he ended his trip around the house with a nice little bubble bath.


It appeared quite rapidly that the homes featured in the show had the most beautiful of scenery. Which only means one thing - so much use for the drone.


Next up, Dermot went for a spot of surfing on Bondi Beach, and apart from chewing the ear off of his poor surfing instructor, he did some... dancing.

Slow-mo Dermot Bannon dancing proved too much for some people.

There was a lot of love for house number three, which was based an hour North of Boni Beach. The house was built into the rocks, and featured a host of palm or "cabbage" trees out back. It carried very much a sense of 'Jurassic Park' from it.


There was also the bathroom in the house that had clear windows all around, with "nowhere to hide."

Twitter users started to warn those who might be on Dermot's new series of 'Room to Improve' that he might be taking a lot of inspiration from what he's seeing.


All in all though, Dermot Bannon's return was a resounding success with viewers. Although not quite the same as 'Room to Improve' it definitely showed an interesting insight into homes the other side of the world.

Did you enjoy 'Dermot Bannon's Incredible Homes'? Let us know if you tuned in last night.