Say it ain't so! Delia Smith, our favourite Norwich city supporting cook has announced her retirement from television. The 71 year old says she not bothered with the pressure to entertain and has decided to stick to web tutorials from here on in.

"This is the future for me and the population. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s better than television or live demonstration. It’s miles ahead. If you do a TV programme now, it’s got to entertain," Smith told The Radio Times. "When I started, there was further education in the BBC; now you have to entertain. You have someone telling me I haven’t got time to show this, or I haven’t got time to show that."

Delia will be launching an online cookery school later this month and hopes to focus all her energy on making it a success. And in fairness to her, she's been cooking up a storm on the telly for over 40 years, so she deserves an oul break at this stage.

Saying that, this ain't the first time she's opted for retirement. She basically said the same thing back in 2003 before returning to our TV screens. So, either this is a publicity stunt aimed at boosting web traffic and book sales (she's got a new one coming out soon) or Delia's finally decided to call it a day.

We clearly need a 12th man here, where are ya?