It's the Neighbours news you never expected to hear. Toadie Rebecchi's 'dead' wife Dee Bliss, is returning to Ramsay Street after thirteen years. 

Before you ask, it's not a dream sequence, weird online sketch or for charity, Madeleine West is returning to the show thirteen years after she was killed off. 

The last fans saw of Dee was back in 2003 when Toadie carelessly drove the pair of them off a cliff just minutes after they were married.  

Of course in typical soap fashion, Dee's body was never found. Leaving the door open for a return. Though it's fair to say most fans didn't expect to see ever return after such a long period away. 

West is set to make a guest stint on the show, which will finally reveal what happened to her character. 

Speaking about her return she said: "It is a very rare and wonderful thing when an actor has the opportunity to step back into the shoes of a character they created, even more so when that character had not been seen for some 13 years, and was one as beloved as Dee Bliss."

Via Digital Spy