If you say/read Dean Strang's name enough times, it loses all meaning. Fact.

Strang's interview with Ray D'Arcy last Saturday didn't go down well with viewers at all and we've heard from pretty much everyone involved at this point so it was only a matter of time before someone asked the man himself what he thought of Ray's interview skills. The answer? "Fine."

Speaking to The Sun, Strang said that overall he "enjoyed it well" and that that D'Arcy's interview was "fine by the standards applicable to US media. I am accustomed to much worse. He and his crew treated me really well."

We're not sure 'I'm accustomed to much worse' is the best review one would hope for but it beats what everyone else was saying about the interview.

There's been so much noise about this we've started saying 'Dean Strang' the same way that Cerys Matthews and Space sang 'Tom Jones' and really hope someone out there is working on the 'Ballad of Dean Strang' as we speak. Guaranteed hit at this stage.

Via The Sun