By just about anyone who watched 'Deadwood', the feeling has always been that the series never got the send-off it deserved.

We're not talking about 'Game of Thrones' or all that silliness, but that the series was cancelled before it actually had the chance to wrap itself up. In fact, as soon as the series ended, there had been talk of a 'Deadwood' movie that would tie up the loose ends and give it the finale it so richly deserved.

Well, in less than a month's time, that finale will hit screens and the reviews arriving online so far say it's the one longtime fans have hoped for. A handful of reviews from US outlets such as Variety and Collider have been published this week, and all of them are overwhelmingly positive.

The aforementioned Variety review praised 'Deadwood: The Movie' as "gradually but deliberately rewards fans who have waited 13 years to find out what happened to our favorite foul-mouthed ne’er-do-wells." Collider, meanwhile, said that "(the) structure mirrors the events of its own story: it’s a celebration, a coming together of old friends, a facing down of the past and personal demons, and an acceptance of a new way forward."

/Film, however, admitted that the movie was less of a standalone venture, and more of a finale to third season. "If you’ve failed to watch ' Deadwood' – especially season 3 – you’ll likely be lost about five minutes into the runtime."

'Deadwood: The Movie' airs on Sky Atlantic on June 1st at 9PM.