We've been following the Deadwood movie story for quite a while, so it's worth pointing out that there's still nothing official yet on it, but a report by EW has it that it's close - achingly, achingly close - to becoming a reality.

According to HBO programming president Casey Bloys, it looks like something could officially kick off this year. In an interview with EW, Bloys said that "(assuming) we can get the actors — their deals and schedules lined up — and the budget, which I think is close, we’re going to do this possibly in ’18 sometime."

To say that it's a long time coming is an understatement. A TV movie to wrap up Deadwood was mooted all the way back in 2004 when the series ended; creator David Milch was pretty adamant about the fact that the stories of each character wasn't yet finished and he had more to go with it. Fast forward fourteen years later and people are not only still talking about the show, they're still desperately clamouring for a conclusion to it.

The big thing stopping it happening is, as always, the actors and their schedules - but Bloys feels confident it can work. "There are a lot of logistics that have to come together. The actors are on different shows. Assuming we can get them together, it’s looking very good," reassured Bloys.

A Deadwood TV movie finale. Who'd have thought we'd live to see the day?


Via EW