French found the character of Rev Geraldine Granger just too damned nice to be in anyway amusing. A fair few folk would agree with her. Then again, it hasn't done Miranda Hart any harm; a certain demographic just love upper middle class women making t*ts out of themselves.

Speaking on Desert Island Discs, French said: "I thought, 'How on earth do you play a central character who's so blooming good?' I thought, 'Where are the flaws? Where is the monster in this woman?' That's what I understand comedy to be. Alice was a very funny character from the off. But anyway, he [sitcom creator Richard Curtis] wouldn't let me play it.

Despite her concerns, the show was a hit, running for a whopping 13 years. The final episode, broadcast on New Year's Day 2007, was watched by 12.8 million people.

Is it any wonder they're bringing it back...

Back in October, reported: "French revealed on ITV's Daybreak that the sitcom set is still in storage, and could be retrieved if the show makes a comeback if her character Geraldine is promoted. She said writer Richard Curtis announced the end of the show only to stop speculation - but suggested he secretly had plans for a revival. French said: 'We had 13 happy years. When we got to the end I said to Richard, "You have to say it's finished because people keep asking about it." So he said, "OK, it’s finished." We had the wrap party, we had a few tears and on the way out, the producer said to me, "He’s asked us to store the set." I think he's probably waiting for women to be officially made bishops'."

We'll be waiting, so.