Gather the children around (or your work colleagues to your desk) because it's time to hear David Schwimmer read a bedtime story to us.

David Schwimmer is the latest star to read a CBeebies Bedtime Story for the BBC channel. The ten-minute slot has seen the likes of 'Captain America' star Chris Evans, Tom Hardy *twice*, and even superstar Dolly Parton in the past. Now they've added their first 'Friends' star into the fold.

The American actor has been doing the rounds for his new Sky One comedy series 'Intelligence', which lands onto the channel this Friday.

Taking a nice, relaxing time out from his busy schedule, Schwimmer sat down to read Julia Donaldson and Axel Schelffler's children's story 'The Smeds And The Smoos'. He does a quality job in narrating the story, and we hope he appears in another episode in the future.

The story is about two groups of aliens - the red-coloured Smeds, and the blue-coloured Smoos - who don't get along with each-other. Will Janet the Smed and Bill the Smoo be able to get along? We'll have to wait for the actor to finish reading the story to find out.

Here's the first part of the short episode, which will air in full on Saturday evening on the CBeebies channel at 6.50pm for 10 minutes.

In case you missed him, David Schwimmer was also on 'The Graham Norton Show' recently, where he spoke about his previous rollerskating/waitering past with Mark Ruffalo.