Much like the show itself, the process of getting Twin Peaks back on the air in 2016 has become weird and confusing. 

First we heard it was definitely happening and we cried into a damn fine cup of coffee with joy, then we heard that the production was in a bit of trouble. Then we heard that David Lynch had left, with rumours of problems over creative control (again) and budgets being cited as the reason. Even the cast were sure that he was gone, as they all made a video asking for him to be brought back

Now it seems, in another twist in the tale, Lynch is back on board, as he tweeted last night that we shouldn't believe all the rumours that have been coming out over the past few weeks. Well either that or the video from the cast members worked, we can't be sure. 


David Nevins, the president of Showtime, the network that is backing the project, also released a statement on the issue confirming that Lynch was back on board, saying "This damn fine cup of coffee from Mark and David tastes more delicious than ever. Totally worth the extra brewing time and the cup is even bigger than we expected. David will direct the whole thing which will total more than the originally announced nine hours. Pre production starts now!!".

Even more Twin Peaks than originally promised, what a result.


Via Uproxx