The director that brought us The Social Network, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Fight Club and - just out this week - Gone Girl (along with a load of other great movies) is set to focus all his attention on the US remake of the critically acclaimed TV show 'Utopia'. Fincher told The Guardian that he will be directing every episode of the series which just got an order earlier this year.

The cult director is no stranger to TV land and helmed the first two episodes of Netflix's House of Cards last year but this is the first time he is committing to a full series. For those that haven't watched the original British series 'Utopia' yet, it follows a group of people who discover a cult graphic novel which seems to accurately predict major disasters. They then try to prevent what is about to happen but are hindered by a group called The Network who starts hunting them down.

Fincher will be joined by Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn who is on board to produce the show. Almost too much talent behind this now! It may just show the British version up, although that would take a lot. Whatever happens, it's good to know this remake is in safe hands.