It really does say something about the sheer weight of talent that David Byrne possesses that he's 67, still as creatively effective, still as energetic, still sounds as strong and vital as he did in the '80s, and can still surprise people with his performances.

Case in point, this incredible rendition of 'Once in a Lifetime' on last night's 'SNL'. The whole thing starts off like some kind of live art performance, before it transitions into something resembling a TED Talk, before it switches up into something else entirely.

'SNL' always goes out of its way to make something unique in their musical performances, but it's often the case that the acts don't come up to the mark. The only recent performances that have caught people's attention is Billie Eilish, and even at that, it was more about the set design than the performance.

This, however? This is really something. Take a look.