No, we're not going to see Angel and Draco Malfoy teaming up in some sort of cross fictional universe special, David Boreanaz and Tom Felton have just signed on to star in screenwriter Neil LaBute's new TV series Full Circle.

LaBute is the man who brought us big screen gems like In The Company of Men: Full Circle will mark his TV debut. The whole show will be character-driven, with the 10 episode series focusing on 11 strangers whose lives are somehow connected. The lads join a rather high profile cast, which includes Friday Night Lights star Minka Kelly, The Killing's Billy Campbell and Nip Tuck's Julian McMahon. Breakfast Club favourite Ally Sheedy, Private Practice's Kate Walsh, Noah Silver (The Borgias) and Keke Palmer of Akeelah and the Bee fame also star.

We'll never say no to a bit of Tom and David on the telly: Sure between Bones and Channel 4 miniseries Labyrinth to name but a few, the pair have well and truly broken away from their most high profile characters. Bravo boys, long may your reign.

We're expecting Full Circle to be rather deep and artsy, with an air date scheduled some time in the autumn.