To be fair, you had to expect Dave Grohl was going to mention the now-famous 1991 gig in Cork where Nirvana supported Sonic Youth.

But what may surprise you and what came in the course of his conversation with Tubbers on last night's 'Late Late' was how Cork was much closer to home for him than he initially realised. As Grohl tells it, his mother's maiden name was Hanlon and - as you guessed correctly - that means that she's Irish-American.

"I remember arriving at night, deciding to walk around town (the next morning) and as I was walking around, all the women looked like my mother! So I got her on the phone and told her, 'You gotta come here! Everyone looks like you!'," Grohl explained with a laugh.

Grohl also talked about supporting Sonic Youth and their gig in Sir Henry's, just three weeks before the release of 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'.

Here's the clip.